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OPTWISE offers what no high school career coach can: insider knowledge.

The difference is resources.

The difference is years of experience as a recruiter or career coach.

The difference is a global network of contacts and mentors.

The difference is the 24-hour service and cutting-edge insights.

The difference is everything.  

Focus on Results

Our coaching and talent management programs focus on principal functions: accounting, finance, data analytics and AI, business management, marketing and HR. 

Personalized Plans

Our one-on-one coaching sessions and individualized approach let us design plans of action that help clients realize their unique goals on their own personal timeline. 

Results that Matter

Two-thirds of our clients are referrals from successful, satisfied customers. Working with us means finding a job faster, avoiding the frustration and anxiety inherent in job searching, and building confidence and clarity. 

Expert Advice

Our team come to the table backed by decades of high-level industry experience, global professional networks, and executive insight.

Full-time Access

OPTWISE coaches and advisors are ready when you need them to be. They’ll take your call any time on any day, and help you work through any situation. 

Glass Buildings


Jake R., NYC | Film

“OPTWISE changed the direction of my entire career. My coach worked with me to adjust my goals, getting me away from what I thought I was supposed to do and moving on to a career path that works for me, personally. After scheduling my interview, it took less than two months to land my first job.” 

Molly A., NYC | Accounting

“Victoria just set me at ease right away. She’s funny and kind of brilliant, and as soon as I walked in I knew I was doing the right thing. She got me to think about more than just my job search woes and ask some different questions, like what my career could realistically look like long-term, and what was most important in my life outside my career. Her familiarity with so many different fields and her ability to connect me to people in jobs I looked up to were especially useful. She has been kind, caring, and incredibly supportive, and I recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in their career.” 

Roman J., Atlanta | Marketing

“Sometimes I tell friends that working with Victoria was like being given the cheat codes to a hard videogame. It’s almost unbelievable how helpful it was to have someone listening to me who has that kind of experience. I needed someone in my corner who was going to be able to tell me, right then and there, whether what I was doing could work, and she was the one. She is so quick to see where I’m going with something and to recommend a list of options, and then talk me through them in a way that makes it feel very manageable and actionable. This is the team you’re looking for.”

Jamie B., San Diego | Entrepreneur

“Choosing OPTWISE was the beginning of a whole new chapter of my life. I’d been struggling to find my place as a consultant, and Javier was able to leverage his vast expertise to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses in my resume, the direction I was moving in, and how to course-correct with minimum pain and maximum results. He gave me a list of specific tips and strategies that have already paid off—I’m in a new city, business is growing, and I feel like I finally know what I’m doing. He’s observant, smart, and sincere. This is the real deal.” 

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